Dutch Rock Supergroup form Black Nazareth

Roaming from the blackened soils of Schiedam, known for it’s centuries’ old Gin-distilleries, Dutch newest supergroup have formed as Black Nazareth. A joint-venture by known rock-names as guitarist Menno Gootjes (Focus), vocalist Daniël de Jongh (Textures), keyboards/programming Martijn Spierenburg (Within Temptation) and bassist Henry McIlveen (Threnody). Setting a new bar as the standard among rockbands. 

Menno Gootjes explains:

“Black Nazareth is a band which was in my head for a long time, combining the dark history and culture of my hometown Schiedam together with heavy, soulful and dirty rock! A very intoxicating mix. For this band I wanted to work together with musicians I really liked and reached out to Daniël, Martijn and Henry explaining my ideas to them. From then on we worked very hard the last few years on writing great songs, brainstorming on artwork and shaping the heart of Black Nazareth, which is the actual old nickname for Schiedam. Today marks a new chapter and we are ready to unleash this beast to the world”

The band is set to release its first single in the coming weeks, with the following of an album the year after.

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