The mature drink

The Black Nazareth No.3 genuine dutch genever, made by Serious Bee Distillers, meets all standards for a Korenwijn (corn wine). Korenwijn is a jenever that consists for more than 50% of malt wine, the authentic method of distilling grain alcohol, as happened day in and day out in the 400 distilleries that Schiedam used to have. Except for a few details this process is similar to distilling whiskey.

This malt wine is then aged in oak. In order to create the unique character of the Black Nazareth No.3, a combination of herbs and spices will be added. Among the ingredients are malted barley, rye, corn, wheat, juniper berry, ginger, clove, raspberry leaf, elderflower, honey and vanilla.

An alcohol content of 40% has been chosen. The result is a mature drink, befitting the band Black Nazareth.

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